1.1  Monthly subscriptions are to be made before the first of every month. ( Allow 48hrs for bank transfers)

1.2  Subscriptions on promotional packages are charged in full regardless of the date in the month. (This is used to cover the cost of domain registration)

1.3 Invoices will be sent out on the 25th of each month.

1.4 Payments not received by the 1st of every month will have a suspension placed on the website, hosting services including emails, unless prior arrangements were made. Payments not received by the 5th of the month will attract a reconnection fee of R50. You can credit your account for a few months at a time to avoid hassles.

1.5 It is the responsibility of the client to supply all material for the development of their site.

1.6 All free websites are static designs with new dynamic features such as cms gallery/page, online forms. Should you require a more dynamic and interactive design with payment facility and backend management a quote will be drawn up on request.

1.7 All dynamic websites  will require a yearly subscription.

1.8 Once all material has been submitted, we will require +- 10 working days for the development of the website. Thereafter a preview link will be sent to you by the designer and you have 7 working days to qualify for one set of free changes.

1.9 After you have received your first set of free changes, all changes are charged at R350 per hour.

1.10 (Optional)All logo designs are charged at R275 once off subject to a detailed brief and material supplied by the client. You will receive 2 logo designs to choose from.

1.11 Free Packages does not include additional requirements such as online shopping facility ,video clips, flash /animation etc. However if you request it you will be quoted accordingly.

1.12 The free package only entitles you to the use of a co.za domain however if you require a dot com, net, info, org etc domain a once off fee of R300 will be charged. A renewal fee is charged annually at R150.

1.13 All websites under the free packages are copywrited to Clickweb.
Each client receives 3 free personalized emails at your domain name.

1.14 All additional mailboxes will be charged at R15.00 each per month. This does not include aliases but can be arranged with your consultant.

1.15 VAT will be billed at 15% as per legislation.



3. Hosting is done on a month to month basis with no contracts.


4.1 Your monthly debit order takes immediate effect once your domain has been registered.

4.2 If for any reason your monthly debit order returns a bounced debit will be put through and you will be liable for a R57 administration fee.

4.3 If you’re monthly hosting fee returns for more than 3 consecutive months, your services will be terminated and you run the risk of losing your allocated domain name, If the debit order returns consecutively we will have no alternative but to hand the account to the legal department for collection and any legal cost incurred will be payable by you.

4.4 In the event of you stopping your monthly hosting debit order without serving your cancellation or notifying us, your account will be automatically re-instated.

4.5 In the event of changing banking details a letter will be required to be faxed to our accounts department.

4.6 Domain renewals are billed annually and will be automatically debited on the anniversary month of your agreement.


5.1 A cancellation form need to be completed, this is available on request from your consultant.

5.2 All cancellations are subjected to a 30 day calendar month notice.

5.3 All accounts have to be settled before cancellation is served which includes unpaid invoices, unpaid hosting fees, domain renewals etc.

5.4 If the client chooses the free package (redesign or new) and wishes to terminate their services to transfer over to a new ISP, the client will be liable for the market related value of the designed website upon cancellation, irrespective of whether the designed site will be used or not thereafter. These packages cannot be sold individually.

5.5 If the client chooses to transfer and has not issued a transfer ticket after the cancellation period,the clients account will automatically be reinstated for their services again, due to disk usage and server hosting.


6.1 Clients will have a maximum of 500mb of traffic per month on all of our packages.



7. Support is offered during normal business hours. Our service is offered by experienced staff.

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